YOU. The unique YOU among the seven billion people in the world. Since there is no one like you among other people in this world, there is the need for you to be yourself. The question however, is how do you be who you are expected to be and not the photocopy of someone else or someone made in the image of others like father, parents,boss, colleagues or even friends ? How can you break loose from the shackles of ideology, religion, societal mores and political ideas? How can you become who you are created to be?

There are questions you need to ask yourself in other to begin the journey towards finding yourself. These questions include:

  • Who am I?
  • What propels me?
  • What are my motives and motifs?
  • What do I want out of this existence?
  • Why do I want those things?
  • What do I stand for and why do I stand for those ideas?
  • What are the values I built my life on? Why those values?
  • Where do I stand on the moral plane?
  • What do I like and why? What do I hate or dislike and why?
  • What are the basics of life I cannot do without? Why? etc.

    Who do you take yourself to be? Do you really know yourself? If you are asked to describe yourself what will you say? How will you describe your self? Male, middle age, fair , tall and educated? Is that all you can say about yourself? or  Will you add where you stay, where you work, describe your family and the number of children that you have or the houses or cars or other material things? Is that  what defines YOU? Really who are YOU?


One thought on “be YOURSELF

  1. *There are many paths that we find ourselves on but there is one that leads us to our Eldorado.
    Comment: To get to our Eldorado (Empire) requires hard work, dedication, commitment and patience. These factors combined together for it is a gradual process. And mostly it requires God’s leading, so as not to be mislead by vague reality and miss the mark.


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