DESTINATION. Everything is about destination. Life, work, relationships, existence and being. Where are you walking to? Why are on the journey you are on? What type of journey is the one you are on right from now? Or the one you have been on since? Where is this journey taking you? Your DESTINATION. Where will this path you are on take YOU? Success, destruction, happiness, sadness, satisfaction, dissatisfaction,regret or achievement?

Your answer to this basic question serves as the basis of finding yourself. Life and existence is a journey we started when we were born to this world. There are many paths that we find ourselves on but there is one that leads us to our Eldorado. The question is are you on the path to your chosen destination? To answer this question there is the need to search yourself and find out what you have been doing so far and how your actions have taken you closer to your destination or further.

After searching your mind and finding out you are on the right path, you then need to take some actions. These actions include:

  • Accepting yourself.
  • Knowing everything about who you are.
  • Developing self control and discipline.
  • Avoiding distractions that will take you away from your destination.
  • Being committed and focussed on where you are going.

Many people do not accept themselves and do hate who they are. They want to be better but most times their inability to accept who they are first militates against their becoming who they want to be.

As you journey on in life, HAVE YOU ACCEPTED WHO YOU ARE?


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