ACCEPTANCE. So many issues are tied to this simple word. So many events, crimes and actions are also generated by this word. Think of tears, smiles, encouragement,happiness and even suicide. To be accepted in the family, among friends, peers , association , group or even place of work is usually a strong motive for human actions. Where there is acceptance, the individual blossoms and radiate happiness. Where  there is rejection, depression can set in and sometimes such may lead to suicide. The race to belong or to be part of the group or the happening team has led many to wasted life of drugs, alcohol and at times crime. The fear of being looked down upon, being taken as not up to measure  has pushed many into debt, crime and even life time regret.  However, the issue of not being part of the crowd or being accepted by those you are involved in relationship with is minute in comparison to that of YOU rejecting the YOU in you.

Human beings are complex. We are not easily satisfied. a good quality though, since it has led US to creativity,innovation and even revolution in all aspects  of our existence. The most baffling aspect of our existence however is our ability to reject who we are and strive to be who we cannot be. Why do human beings sometimes question who they are or who they found themselves to be?

There was a person story I was told of by a friend. A wise man, with a good family. He works in a good company, have children who are well to do and he was so well respected in his community that they were thinking of making him the community leader, just for the community to hear one morning that he had committed suicide. Here is a person who had everything going for him but seem not to accept where and what he found himself in and then committed suicide. What moves You? Do you think you are not fine? You think you are unintelligent? poor? hopeless? in the midst of a traumatic experience?can’t seem to have a way forward from challenges you are facing? Then rejecting yourself is not the answer. Look around you and you will find out that you are still better than some people and such people have not given up. Your condition is not a limitation. It is your attitude that determines your reach in life. The first step is to accept yourself, and then start from where you are. take a step and you would have started the JOURNEY of being who you want to be. But… DO YOU HAVE THE PATIENCE?



2 thoughts on “accepting who YOU are.

  1. nice write up ,it is good to always appreciate who u are and accept the kind of person we are made off,we should also know that no condition is permanent,whether rich or poor we are wonderfully made. always accept who u are.


    1. A good reflection,kudos for your thoughts. However, whatever you put on the Internet is for life, so learn to read over,use correct syntax and grammar and avoid using SMS language whenever you are not on your phone.


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