Modern man, how great art thou? In thoughts, actions and ideas how great a being you are. In this new magic century, you have reached the acme of your resourcefulness and the summit of your creativity and innovations. You have provided for the needy in your midst. Your offspring are all fine, hearty and healthy. Your children are cared for and none is without care and success. Your children are all well fed, clothed and without any inch of deprivation. Your young ones are expecting the best future where no animal, plant, flora or fauna will ever become extinct. You have made an optimum use of the environment that the earth will continue to exist forever. Man, you are great. Whoever says you are not the best thing to happen to this small blue great planet of ours?

In solving your problem or problems that do arise between you and others, you have set up a talkshop. A big talkshop at that, where there are differing rules for different people. Those who don’t have are in the majority and they lord it over those who have. The decision of the deprived are forced down the throat of the blessed and rich. You have accumulated enough  ploughs that they have all been turned into weapons of war in order to produce food for the larger majority of your planet. They do need nukes and armaments in order to live and feed well. So, what is stock-piled is enough to raise – yes raise this earth of yours-by blowing it to smithereens ten times over. In order that this happens quickly and without pain, you have raised the art of negotiation to its highest state. Negotiation between the deprived and the forced is a dialogue of the deaf. Your means of negotiating is through orders rather than consensus. Those who can hear are allowed the freedom, while those who stand up to you are punished. You so love negotiation and compromise that there exists no area of disagreement in the world. All races now live in harmony. All human beings through your effort at social engineering and humanitarian activities now realise the fact that they are one. They have been able to recognise that fact that they are from the same origin and have started treating each other as one. The problems of the weaker ones had become the problems of the stronger ones.


In reality there are no weaker ones among your nations. They are all strong. With enough food in the world, how would they not be strong? In the realms  of managing the economic affairs of this world you have instituted systems that pay each according to his worth.The lazy ones are made to suffer their laziness and lack of planning. Those who are strong and can work have always been reaping the benefits of their sweat on the back of the lazy ones. The lazy under developed nations who can’t pull themselves up have always been the donkey for the hard working and forward-looking nations. No wonder there exists the first and the third or is it the sixth worlds. The first world exist on the pittances derived from the resources, interest paid on money owed and the “happiness” of the third and the fifth world. No wonder the first world is always deprived while the third or fifth world is always buoyant. The economic pattern you foisted on your planet is without equal in existence. In most of your nations, the deprived are always in minority while the majority of haves lords it over them. The sharing of resources is so equitable that every individual in a nation applauds the system of sharing. The grumblers do exist anyway but they will not be grumblers if they do not grumble.

The world is so peaceful now that the millennium had come into existence. And that is with thanks to you the modern man. Who says you are not great? Who ever stands up to say that you are inhuman, inconsiderate and without salvation? Anyone who says that is only blind to your humanity and humaneness. Your humanity is without parallel. Your humaneness is also without equal. This is why millions were ethnically cleansed almost fifty years ago and are still being cleansed now. Who needs the weak and domineering race in our optimum world? So, the best is to gas them, shoot them and give them the final solution. In the modern days of your time the ethnic cleansing is a continuous job. So, the Kasia, the Kurds, the Croats or Muslims Chenchens and the Tustis and Hutus are not fit to live. They are only irritants in the world of peace you are trying to establish, so why not cleanse them off. They are marks and black spots in an orderly and whitewashed world so why should they not be cleaned off? You need a spotlessly cleaned world. One in which there will be no ignorance, disease or deprivation. You are trying to impose order on this controlled world of yours. So you need clean, clear- headed and altruistic leaders who are without equal in their realms, those who are messianic in their views and actions; those who can discipline the individual, and force the society to be on the straight path.


Most of your leaders assert their divine role and power derived from the Almighty creator. They are the descendants of the God, how can they not become tin – gods and suffocating gods on their fellow human beings. They are far removed from the squalor – is it squalor or just mere decoration and deprivation surrounding the ruled. They are miles away from the slum and the general inadequacies facing the large majority of those they rule. What concerns them about those who don’t have? When you are trying to impose discipline do you make things easy for the individual? If the leader decides to eat all the food in the house and ask the inmates of the house to look at him eating it, is he at fault? No, he is never at fault. Leaders are leaders and they must be respected as such. What other love exists beyond that which allows an individual or groups of individual to capitalize and commandeer resources belonging to others because of their power. Those who you put as leaders, modern man, are dealers rather than leaders and they lay down the rules, just like they do when they gamble away the resources of their people. If people are then trampled upon, deprived and dispossessed, there are no qualms. The moment there is order, peace and stability, then we can forget dictatorial tendencies. An unjust political economy can never enthrone justice, equality and fairness. So, why bother our heads? Modern man you are great in your thinking. Anyone who thinks you are not great must have been living before you came to the scene.

Your sense of purpose and listing of priorities defies understanding. While millions are without means of sustenance, you place emphasis on the weapons of destruction. While a large majority are without food, clothing, shelter and basic means of sustenance, you placed emphasis on destroying surplus food in order to maintain price mechanism. You build mausoleum instead of homes. You introduce uncountable and bizarre wears for the rich and nakedness for the poor. You assert the superiority of a race to another race and enforces a lethal pill for the debtor on the sick bed after plundering his homestead. You decided on journey to outer space because the realities of your own planet are too much for you to bear. Why bother about what we can see when the unseen is there for us to explore. Why be involved about the deteriorating world of ours when we can search for worlds in the universe that we can colonize? Of what use is making this world better when the space is wide there for us to explore? Why change men for the better when we like the conditions we are in?

Modern man, oh modern man you are great, wise and without equal. If you are unequalled, why then do you concern yourself about gods and the Creator? That is for puny minds to explore. It is an instrument for the supposed godly to draw the wool over the eyes of the believers in order to serve their own interest. The members of your race believe in mouthing, saying and transmitting just religious ideas rather than living them. You believe greatly in telling people about the need for justice, hope, love and faith but not for them to use it in their day to day living. Of what use is that when you have conquered nature. Are you not the master of nature? Modern man, oh modern man how great art thou? You are a good guest in the house. You take out without replacing. You destroy without building; you pour dirt on the floors and soiled the walls. You stripped the house of good air and filled it with foul air. You deplete your rain forest and planted nothing in return. By your rambling and blundering through the work of nature you affect ecological balance. You make animals extinct and you are careless about what befalls the offspring who will inherit the house you are in now. At least you are the modern man. That will be their own problems to solve whenever they come into maturity.


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