talking to SELF.

INTRAPERSONAL communication takes place within the mind of an individual. It is a time of packaging and arranging of ideas, thoughts, concepts, feelings and emotions before  communication. This type of communication precedes the expression of communication itself. The individual plans his ideas and reflects on them before packaging them in his mind. Intrapersonal communication determines the individual’s choice of expressing his messages orally or in written form. If the information so generated is well processed before any communication, they enhance effective communication. Intrapersonal communication  also exist in the situation where the individual tries to silence his outer being in order to contact or listen to his inner being. This type of communication exists in the case of mediation. Intrapersonal communication is also reflected in the case of praying by the individual. The individual goes “within” in order to discuss with a force beyond him. Before this exercise, he must marshal his thoughts and ideas in order to make contact with the cosmic force, the Creator or the supernatural force beyond him. In doing this, the individual before communicating with himself will first take in ideas, incidents, values and beliefs from his immediate and extended environments through the physical senses.This means that the communicator will first receive ideas from the place he stays in and the people he comes across.   This triggers his need to communicate within himself or “intrapersonally”. He therefore packages messages that he wants to send to his psyche in a way which the psyche can understand the message. The messages we need to understand are derived from his physical environment but they must be put in a language, which the psyche can understand.   The messages are left to ferment in the communicator’s mind.

After the passage of time, the psyche decodes the message it is receiving from the communicator’s physical senses. For example, if it is a creative or artistic work or a scientific exploration, the period of fermentation is when the psyche is turning and churning the ideas within the individual’s soul. The decoding and arrangement of the messages will lead to an insight. Immediately the psyche finishes processing the message and giving insight into the perceived and received message from the individual, the communicator’s psyche will put the messages in a form that will fit the individual’s physical world. The psyche will also reduce the messages to the language, which the physical world can understand. The message from the psyche now comes out as a physical manifestation. In the case of a short story, a film, a play or sculpture, the messages become what can then be shared. One fact however is that for every play written or every sculpture carved or made; there has been a lot of Intrapersonal communication.

The explanation above shows that Intrapersonal communication  serve as foundation of any communication encounter and creativity. In order to be an effective communicator and  a creative person, the individual must be adequately prepared before embarking on the creative journey and communication. This is where Interpersonal communication comes in.  INTRAPERSONAL communication, however, are in steps. What are those steps? How do they contribute to the journey within for YOU? How do you manage this process of finding YOURSELF within?

























3 thoughts on “the path of self making.

  1. 1.Start with self awareness.
    2.always keep the other person in mind.
    3.gather facts
    4.don’t expect anything
    5.listen as much as you speak
    6.practice a calm approach or tone


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