JOURNEY. We make them everyday. It is part of our life but only the most courageous who will embark on any journey without preparation. Same with life journey. You need to prepare or you will fail since those who fail to plan, do plan to fail. Now that YOU have been able to think through your life and have a deep reflection on what your life journey is, what then is the next step?

planning or arranging You need to arrange your thoughts. Not in a logical manner but in a manner that they make a meaning to you.The answers generated by the questions you raised while trying to discover yourself, serve as the building planks of your planning. You group the answers to the questions on thinking above into groups and sub-groups. The grouping of your answers must make sense to YOU. The arrangement must also be of your own making and not that of a person or method you came across in a book, a discussion or in a religious group , tract or a philosophical group. It must be self made and peculiar to your person, your view of life and your understanding of what life is expected to be. You must also prune the thoughts in order to make them manageable. Your thinking perception must also be taken into consideration as you arrange the thoughts. The positive thoughts you must keep and the negative thoughts you must investigate and discard if you know they would not help you on your journey.  The negative ones that serve as foundation of your  actions must however be cultivated and arranged along with the positive ones. You must take into consideration your thinking personality as you arrange the thoughts. Are a divergent or a convergent thinker? Your thinking personality will impact greatly on how you arrange the thoughts and what you get out of the arrangement. After the arrangement of those thoughts generated through your questions, you  have then packed your box for the start of your life journey. What then do YOU need to do?



5 thoughts on “packing a box for YOUR life journey.

  1. When planning thoughts it is good to have some anchoring principles. God’s word, a constitution . . .something against which you can check yourself. Many years ago I mistakenly chose to put my trust in another culture without understanding their laws, history, and generally what made the people tick. I blindly followed and my choices were poor. I realized that it was more of a “self as God” culture– which can be sketchy since everyone has their own idea of what is acceptable and can self-justify. Organize your thoughts around what you stand for and could stand for in front of anyone.


    1. In organising your thoughts you sure need an anchor. Something that serves as the nucleus of what you are trying to be. This post is part of a series that explore the journey towards understanding oneself. As you try to understand who you are, you need to have one point of focus. Thanks for your thoughts.

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  2. knowing that life is a journey, man behaves the way he thinks;There is no success in life without acknowledging God. He is the source of wisdom to have positive thought because the heart is deceitful and desperately wicked; There is an end result to every step taken in life depending on the thought. A convergent thinker is someone who goes the normal way or follows multitude and does what is common. While a divergent thinker will go extra mile to stand out and be unique. A divergent thinker takes risk and is focused.


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