“Criticism may not be agreeable, but it is necessary. It fulfills the same function as pain in the human body. It calls attention to an unhealthy state of things.”– Winston Churchill

criticizing and fermenting After arranging your thoughts and relating them to how they will help you in your life journey, you don’t just start implementing them. Like a person who packs a box ready for a journey, you need to check the various thoughts that you have been able to generate and arrange. You anchor those thoughts on the main purpose for generating them, that is , trying to find WHO you are and the reason for your existence here. Your own view of why you were here which depends on your world view and belief will help you not only in arranging those thoughts but in completing this stage which is criticizing the thoughts you have arranged.

You must criticize  your thoughts and be sure they are the type of thoughts that will take you to the land where you realize who you are. You must play a devil’s advocate to your own thoughts, criticizing them rigorously in a manner that you are able to winnow out those that would not help you on this life journey you are embarking on. You place yourself in your opponents shoe and tear those thoughts into pieces. You also highlight the weaknesses in those thoughts of yours.  One other thing you do is to run those thoughts past an external critic. Listen to what the critic thinks about your thoughts. The combination of your criticism and that of the external critic will help you to prune and better arrange those thoughts you have on yourself.

After this you allow your thoughts to lie fallow for some time. You do not even try to think about them.You do not take any action on them. You behave as if you are not the one who generated the thoughts.During this time you are allowing your subconscious to work on the thoughts, arrange them and made fitting to your own peculiar situation.During this period, the thoughts, ideas or concepts are broken down, rearranged, reformed, expanded and reconstructed in order to bring out something new or extraordinary. This period always lead to moments of insight or revelation and this will help you to become illuminated about yourself and your life journey. At this time you are ready to pick your box and start out on your life journey. As you start this journey you must not forget what you anchor this your life journey on, is it – material satisfaction alone?, spiritual awakening  or becoming a whole person that is primed towards living and not just existing? The choice is yours to take but before you step out of the threshold to start this your life journey, what again do you need to do?




One thought on “a box check before your life JOURNEY

  1. The question is this-What again do you need?. Humans race is enormous when taking the risk. To be successful is a risk with determination. One must not live a fake or imaginary life but a true life which Jesus our Lord has promise to give everyone that believeth in him. I strongly believe that Human’s anchor is Determination.


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