organizing  and taking action You have arranged your thoughts and allow them to fallow in order for your inner self and consciousness to give you the go on light to embark on your life journey. The box is in your hand and you are at the threshold ready to walk the path. But really are you ready? You are not totally ready because you need to map out the direction and the path with the means you are going to use on this journey. This means you need to organize the thoughts you have now. You need to see how the thoughts relate to your life journey. You also need to understand what each thought is teaching you concerning the inner journey you are ready to take. You arrange them in area of priority and in order which you are going to execute them. After this you are ready to start taking the step towards finding yourself and start living instead of existing.

It is time for ACTION. All the thoughts you generated must now be put into action. The thoughts that are not useful to you must be discarded. The ones that strikes you as useful must be cultivated and enhanced. You take each thought and create the act that will make them real to you and as you see them in physical form you start to implement them in your life. Let us take an example. Maybe among the thoughts that touched your inner core is the fact that you have a good start but you don’t usually finish well, you will now begin to question why this is so and then begin to think about how to develop the stick -to it-ness that you need. When you start this process you have embarked on the journey of changing yourself and bringing out a new being. No person can change you, no philosophy can also do the same or a concept, it is you who can change yourself but to do this you need COURAGE. Are you courageous to embark on a life changing JOURNEY. So what are YOU waiting for. Wake up your INNER being and become who you want to be. No limitation can stop you and the sky is not the limit, LIFT yourself UP and soar beyond SPACE, who knows what you will find out? get on with it and while on it look at this graphic representation of what we have been discussing so far.graphic process

Welcome on the journey and since you have taken the initial step, WHAT COMES NEXT?

2 thoughts on “stepping out on your life JOURNEY

  1. keep on moving with your dream, refuse to quit. say to your self I shall make it, delay is not denial, I shall achieve my goals in life. encourage yourself with Abraham Lincoln, former USA president true story; he failed several times while contesting for USA presidential position but he refused to quit and at the end he became united state president. quitters are never achievers.


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