It takes a lot of courage to reveal yourself to other people. There are factors that inhibit people from revealing themselves fully to others. There is the fear that who you reveals yourself to knows you and can use the information you willingly give him/her to hurt you. Secondly revealing yourself to other people also puts you in their hands and the decision of what to with the confidence you have given them depends on them and not on you again. Thirdly revealing your inner thoughts, your character and ambitions to others may make them have an advantage over you. However, we human beings cannot live in isolation and the way we disclose ourselves to other people or the decision not to reveal self do have a lot of impact on our life and also on what we turn out to be. When we become secretive about ourselves, the ability to touch others and be touched becomes greatly reduced.

self – disclosure or level of information exchange

In any relationship, the higher the information known about the person one is communicating with, the easier it is for one to communicate and this automatically reduces or eradicates the problems or barriers in communication. The development of enough information exchange in the relationship is known as disclosure or self-disclosure. Self-disclosure creates certainty because it is the individual who opens himself to the other person because of trust in the other individual.   When you keep much of yourself-hidden from your partner, it creates a high level of uncertainty. In addition, the act of willingly giving information about yourself to another person shows trust, faith and leaves you in the hand of your partner. This is because if you release information about yourself you are at the mercy of the receiver of such message. Self-disclosure enhances the knowledge of human personality. The concept of self-disclosure was propounded by two individuals named Joseph Luft and Harris Ingham (1963). They expressed the concept through the idea of JOHARI’S WINDOW. In the window, they explained that human beings have panes or four kinds of information that affect one’s communication.




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