“Your hand opens and closes, opens and closes. If it were always a fist or always stretched open, you would be paralysed. Your deepest presence is in every small contracting and expanding, the two as beautifully balanced and coordinated as birds’ wings.”
                                                                                                                          ― Rumi, The Essential Rumi

The best and safest thing is to keep a balance in your life, acknowledge the great powers around us and in us. If you can do that, and live that way, you are really a wise man. Euripides –

Balance in all that we do is praised by all and when we behave in an unbalanced way , we are taken as being sick. When our behaviours, actions, words, or thoughts become unhinged and unbalanced then trouble ensues. The question is how balanced are YOU? Are you really a balanced individual? Read this series of  posts ending in the balanced man and put your comments down. Which aspect of your self are you putting emphasis on? Which of your component aspect do you value most?

balance your person and system

The individual’s personality and system must be balanced if he is to achieve and actualize his potentials. An imbalanced person is not making use of all he possesses in the right manner. When a person maintains a balanced personality he will be able to tap all his resources and use them to his own advantage thereby building his self worth and image. All aspect of the human personality must be appropriately weighed and balanced. When this is done, you maintain a self- equilibrium and this helps greatly in developing a positive self- concept. An individual can be termed to have hands, head and heart. This can also be interpreted to mean that every man is made up of body, mind and soul or spirit, which can also be expressed that every individual is made up of physical, mental and spiritual essence. The way this is balanced in a man dictates what kind of person he becomes. Let us look at the picture of the imbalanced man and the balanced man.

the physically oriented man

There is the physically oriented person. To him, the spiritual aspect of man is not necessary. He is tied to physical experiences and what he can see, hear, feel, touch and taste. He tends to be attached to material things and would do anything to get them. He is deaf to his conscience and his mental capacities/spiritual abilities are always channeled towards material acquisition. People like this do not usually actualize self and they develop a self-concept that is warped. All relationships, communication and dealings of this kind of people must always be weighed on the pedestal of material or physical sensation. People like these (physically attached) are usually possessed by material things- money, cars, houses, clothes etc. The tragedy of modern times is that majority of human beings are materialistic. This makes them to be acquisitive in nature. They acquire material things to the detriment of other values and to the detriment of other people.

It is not only material things that modern man acquires or struggle to control; he also covets power, control and nature. The type of person does not allow the spiritual part of him to grow. He instead makes use of his spiritual essence in a manner that is evil or wrongly used. The spiritual essence of such a man is directed to acquiring. He is not generous and does not give back to nature or to other things or people like himself. Rather he uses his spiritual part to deprive others of material things. If others share it, it will not be enough for him – or use it to repress those who can be successful like him – there is not enough space for others. Activities like those described above also happen in the mental aspect of this he therefore uses his mental power base, destroy opponents and carve out empires for himself. He also uses it to push himself forward to the detriment of others. In most cases, the individual pictured above is successful in the material world. He is well known but his self-concept is negative because it negates all things good. That he succeeds, however, does not mean that he will not pay for the way he uses his God given talents and gift.



2 thoughts on “are you really balanced?

  1. As man we need to do all things in rational way to prove the balance of our life ,our thinking should not be irrational. We are not of this world ,date one thing we should have in mind .The book of Ecclesiastes 1:2,made us understand more about our quest for worldly tins rather than things of the God’s kingdom


  2. As man we need to do all things rationally to prove the balance our lives,our thinking should not be irrational.We are in the world but we are not of the world ,which should also be our paramount thinking. The book of Ecclesiastes1:2,made us know that all our quest for worldly things are vanity,rather we should proceed with the things of God


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