is your brain your focus?

What do you emphasize in your self? Your brain, spirit or your body? If you are a mentally oriented person, it means you think and put a greater emphasis on your brain. You are the rational individual and anything that can not be reasoned out makes no meaning to you. But is that the way our world is?  What are the advantages and disadvantage of being brain centric?

the mentally oriented person

A person can be mentally oriented. He is only interested mostly in what his rational side or mind can explain to him. He believes so much in knowledge, intelligence and the power of the brain or mind. He spends greater time improving his mental power and brain to the detriment of his body and his spirit. His spiritual explorations are also channeled towards expanding mind and intelligence. This is with the intention of mastering and controlling both the society and those around him through the mind. The mentally oriented person is sometimes not interested in other people unless to use them as foil towards bringing out his mastery. Such people become insensitive to others and callous. A good representative of the individual who develops the mental side to the detriment of other sides of his personality is the haughty scientist who tries to find explanations to all phenomena in science. They are also the scientists without morals, ethics or compassion. Such may tend to become atheists who believe rigidly in the concept that there is no God or Creator. They are also usually the kind of human beings who explain all things away from the rational point of view. Some philosophers belong to this category. To them anything that cannot be rationally explained does not exist. They live with scant regard to the mystery of life and they seem to be the person that Hamlet in Hamlet was addressing when he told Horatio that there are more things in heaven and earth, than ever dreamt of in your philosophy (Hamlet Act 1 Scene 5). This because they always believe that anything that science or mind cannot explain is superstition or falsehood. They are likely to have low spiritual essence or be totally unspiritual because they have allowed their rational side to take over their life. The ironical thing is that some of them do come back and recognize this lost aspect of their lives at point of death or crisis. Some of the well-known philosophers at the tail end of their lives have found out the truth about life and accept the existence of God. There are also cases of scientists who found out that there is a power behind creation when they reach a point in their researches, which shows them the fact that there must be a power behind what they have been researching into. The question is what do they then do?

What we use most is what turns out to be our centre and locus.If we are only mentally oriented, we are not balanced and imbalance does not allow us to have an effective life journey. What happens when we are even more spiritual?


2 thoughts on “is your brain your focus?

  1. None of the three parts should suffer negligence as each is distinctively unique and contribute equably and immensely to a whole or total being


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