Happiness is not a matter of intensity but of balance, order, rhythm and harmony. -Thomas Merton

The best and safest thing is to keep
a balance in your life, acknowledge
the great powers around us and in us.
If you can do that, and live that way,
you are really a wise person.


Balance is the perfect state of still water.
Let that be our model.
It remains quiet within and is not disturbed on the surface.


Balance in all that we do is praised by all and when we behave in an unbalanced way , we are taken as being sick. When our behaviours, actions, words, or thoughts become unhinged and unbalanced then trouble ensues. The question is how balanced are YOU? Are you really a balanced individual? What comes your way when YOU are balanced? Read on and leave your comments on this issue.

the balanced person

The balanced man is the individual who maintains a balance between his physical, mental and spiritual side. He is able to allocate his time, resources and existence equally between the three components of what makes him. He develops his body well through enough exercise, his mental power by reading (not in an addictive manner) but in a manner that he struggles to expand his mental capacity by reading far, wide and not limiting himself to a particular doctrine, dogma or subject. He is like a renaissance man that experiences almost all areas of knowledge. He, however, does not allow his mental side to take him over.

At the same time, he develops his spiritual side to the same level that he develops both his physical and mental side. He does this through retreats, meditation, and fellowship with other people of like minds and reading religious texts. He is also honest and non-hypocritical in his beliefs and life style. He listens more to himself and his Creator while in search of true knowledge about the Creator, existence, his own purpose on earth and things spiritual. As a seeker he is always guided and tend to be distinct, upright and every outstanding in most if not all areas of their lives. They tend to be generous, sympathetic, kind, liberal and very tolerant. They live simply, are humble and tend to know more about life and others but are usually quiet, easy going, unassuming and a good model of what a man should be. They don’t intimidate others with their perfection like those spiritually oriented tend to be; rather they are acceptable to all who can still relate to a part of them. This is the type of individual a man is expected to strive to be. One who enjoys life, live life to the fullest and does not fear going to face his Creator at any time because he has lived a fulfilled and worth-while life as a human being. The self-concept of the type of the individual described above is positive and he radiates confidence because all aspects of his life are working in perfect synchrony and balance. This does not mean that such people will not be tested. They are usually most tried and tested but the balance they create helps them to withstands tribulations and at the end overcome. They are also with imperfections in their nature but they struggle to correct them.



3 thoughts on “are you a whole BEING?

  1. In everything we do,we should creat balance so that everything can work for our good because an unbalance man is of no use to himself and his generation.Also we should remember that one day we are going to give account of how we spend our life on earth to our Creator.


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