When I started these series of posts on the self journey, I used the first set of posts to explore the question of an individual finding himself. There were discussions on the processes involved in being the YOU in YOU. It was after these posts that I started discussing the steps below one after the other. We have come to the end of this aspect. Thank you for following this life journey.

  1. Un limit your self
  2. Assert your uniqueness – Be yourself
  3. Lose yourself in others
  4. Find your purpose in life and stick to it
  5. Create satisfying and lasting relationships
  6. Be honest, fair and truthful in all dealings
  7. Try the unorthodox or the untried
  8. Balance your person and system
  9. Strive towards achieving your potentials and self actualization
  10. Create time to listen to yourself and your God
  11. Believe in your Creator and accept your helplessness as a human being.
  12. Do the things you love doing and do them well
  13. Think, speak and act positively
  14. Realize your weaknesses and cope with them through acceptance
  15. Find your happiness within you, rather than outside
  16. Learn to see, observe, play and live
  17. Be childlike
  18. Struggle to leave impression behind; no matter where you find yourself
  19. Learn to cope with the difficult, the sad, the untoward and learn from them
  20. Do not be afraid to make mistakes but explore




One thought on “20 steps to new YOU

  1. There is no doubt that,there is a new you if you can create & develop it by yourself. No matter the challenges of life you alone can bring out that new you,not minding or trying to please human being.you have to be yourself in order to bring out that great man in you.


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