If we do not have faith, then fear takes over. The fear of the unknown, fear of others who are not like us, fear of if it is true that really there is afterlife where we live for ever and fear of accountability. The fear of being alone and of finding no one with us in our valley moments and periods when it seems we have lost it. When we have faith as you said hope comes along and with hope you are able to think of something better than the crap and “shit”(sorry for my language, that you find all around you now. Without faith where are we going to be?


Walking around New York, I often find myself just realizing that, if I didn’t believe, I wouldn’t be able to see God anywhere.

I mean, if I weren’t looking for Him, God seemsnowhere.

Sure, I’ll walk past the occasional church that isempty, minus a few fanny-pack-wearing tourists snapping pictures on their iPads.


But, real talk:there just isn’t a lot ofGod out there to be found in our culture.

There’s just a whole lot ofother stuff to occupy our time and our minds: the Olympics, summer blockbusters, the NFL, the latest Kimye/Taylor drama, back to school shopping, the presidential election,you name it – our culture exists in a spiritual wasteland, if I’m being really honest.

And for as incredible as NYC is, truthfully, it exemplifies this hyper godless environment.

But sometimes, when I’m walking along, dodging Pokemon Go players and briefcase-touting-powerwalkers on the sidewalks…


…I sometimes…

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One thought on “What’s the Point?

  1. It encourages&advises never to loose hope,do not give room for depression.No matter how life is unfaithful to you ,do not despair,move ahead,remember Rome wasn’t built in a day.Strive hard until you succeed,You will laugh eventually.


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