The last time I heard, GOD was missing in action and dead. Nietzsche confirmed and uttered this and talked of the coming of the Superman or is it Supermen (or sorry, Superwoman or is it Superwomen-apologies to the second sex) who are greater than the average human being. The present reality, however, is that from information I can gather Nietzsche died but even nowadays and in this post modern era, GOD is still very, very current, alive and kicking. The main issue in this world we are living in now, (forget the twin planet that astronauts have just discovered that can sustain life as we know it, it is many, many thousands of light years away) is that you are a believer or a non-believer. You are either a believer in creation and faith in God and non-believer in evolution and faith in man and rationalism or, a non-believer in God and creation but a believer in evolution and faith in man and rationalism.

You are a staunch believer and a faithful of the fact that God created this world we live in, the universe(s) and the yet undiscovered but uncountable galaxies among which our Milky Way is just one. If you are not, then you strongly and affirmatively believe that there was no design behind this existence or universe(s) as we know it now and that all the extensive expanse of the universe(s) and all that they contained including us human beings came out of a big bang or nothingness. You also believed that that human beings evolved from simple cells to become the paragon of existence that we have in this world now and within this universe. Human beings that can think, reason, have free choice (though that has been emasculated in almost all human societies now), write what you are reading now and also one who can read this, think on what is being read either negatively or positively or be in a state of indifference to it. The above in a summary is the two distinct divisions or dichotomies existing in this present world of ours, as we know it. We are not talking of about degrees or stages of the faith here or about other sub divisions or some other divisions that can be ignored. The question or the decision as we can put it is: Are you a believer in GOD with that entails or are you a non-believer in GOD? All the variations of believing or unbelieving do not matter at this point. We will begin to explore these later.

I was and still in academia for a greater percentage of my life existence on this planet, first as a student, then a teacher, a teacher of teachers and a scholar. In all approximately almost eighty-nine percent of my existence. In this existence, I have traversed the trajectory of being a believer and one with faith in God (as a results of my geographical and birth history) to a stark non-believer, an atheist, a free thinker (now I wonder what that means), a new age believer, a cross bearer, a Moral Re-Armament believer, and then back to being a believer with faith in God’s existence and now, a strong and convinced believer of God after a rational investigations and personal experiences of seeing God at work in and around my life. This trajectory had endowed and imbued me with various experiences and state of minds of the agnostics, atheists, socialists, communists, new ageists, traditional religious believers or the animists, and the fundamental believers of Christianity. In addition to experiences gained through this trajectory, as a scholar, a person in the academia, writer, voracious reader, I had read and digested many books and materials on aspects of religion, comparative religion, new age movement, traditional religion and uncountable philosophies and ideas.

My journey and reading odyssey had also given me insights and friends across varied beliefs spectrum. My friends’ spectrum is drawn from atheists, traditional religion believers, agnostics, nature worshipers, nominal and staunch Christians, nominal and staunch Muslims and other believers like Hindus and Buddhists. I have been blessed to mix with these groups of people, lived with some of them, interact with them. This blog’s postings will in some instances be relating my experiences of interactions with these people. However, I should sound a note of caution now and that is that I will be looking at the experiences and circumstances from the fulcrum of my convinced faith and belief in God as a creator of the universe(s), the sovereign ruler of all existence with all the attributes the Bible gave to God. You may decide to disembark from this vehicle now and not embark on this journey or ignore what we will be discussing here. No hard feelings, it is your inalienable right, just as it is mine to hold to opinions and ideas. Comments will be welcome but don’t expect justifications from this blog that other views are not to be heard here or anywhere for that matter. Dissenting views are allowed to flourish and flower, when the harvest comes, there will be a separation between wheat and tares.


  • Explore the world around you, seek knowledge and try to reason out the rationalizations of non-believers and issues they raised concerning the reason for not being a believer, are such not reasonable and worth thinking about?
  • Have a deep thought and reflection, do you think those who believe in a monotheistic God and Christ are irrational, immature and believers of fairy tales?
  • Is there the possibility that a process the atheists ascribed this existence to could have created the universe and the still developing universe(s) as we know it?
  • What existed before the physical, the Big Bang act or the beginning of the beginning?
  • What lies behind the black hole and if it is possible to get to the beginning of the black hole, what comes after that beginning?
  • After infinity, what next?







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