A Letter Home From Melbourne

Every individual in a new land will feel what you penned here. It reminded me of my feelings when i landed in Perth Western Australia in 2008. I was lonely, culture shocked and floating in a city I couldn’t master or muster. However when I was leaving Perth in 2012 I wanted to stay back because I now had families , friends and colleagues who had enhanced my life and enriched my life. So what you felt is normal and I can bet it by the time you have lived in this city you described for some years, you will not believe your perception of the city again. This in summary is what makes us HUMAN- the ability to adapt to either good or evil, comfort or discomfort, newness or staleness.

maggy liu

Screen Shot 2016-08-23 at 1.16.32 AM.png

guess what,
people are packed closer here

foreign bodies stick together
under putrid heat
I can barely breathe
as the crowded tram
crawls up swanston street

and the boy
with sharp elbows
digging into me
is tethered to sanity
through lime-green earphones
that barely blocks out
6pm traffic
and all these strange heart beats

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the lecture

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