Buildings of the Past

In this age of fast food, fads and now mentality, a look at the past seems time wasting but how do we think of the future without looking at the past ? How do we understand the present and prepare for tomorrow without a glance at where we are coming from?

Cooking Adventures

I am amazed by all the buildings and homesteads of the Past. I have made a point to stop at some as the curiosity gets the best of me.
Here is one such building that is in between Brule River and Port Wing, Wisconsin. I had never seen a merry go round like this. We had only been here for five minutes when the care taker had stopped by to clip some weeds. She walked us through the building and talked of the dances this school held.
Here is one of the classrooms, unfortunately after snapping this picture I was told that these set of desks were not original, but close enough.
The old piano that you see, is original and it still held a tune even though there was sadness that it no longer had the ivory keys, only the wood remained.

This chalkboard is a reminder of the…

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shouting for GOD?

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