Trapped in a spider’s web

Ends and Beginnings

spider web

I am OCD primarily about three things; a clean and organized car, a clean and organized garage and a clean and organized workshop. Notice a trend? All three of these are “my” space. I don’t worry about a clean house, clean sheets or clean towels, I have a OCD wife that takes care of that for us. It’s good to have OCD balance in a household.

Sunday morning, as I was surveying my neatly arrange garage though commiserating that I needed to sweep it out, I noticed a moth caught in a spider’s web under my hot water heater. It was a sad sight watching the moth struggle as the spider spun its web around it. If I didn’t intervene this would be a death sentence for the moth. Honestly even if I did help there would be no way to free the moth’s wings from the spider’s sticky thread. Either…

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