Summer Savored

Nomads By Nature: The Adventures Continue

P1130425This lake in the Black Hills of South Dakota had us pulling over and getting out of the car for an impromptu exploration. Stairs led down the the edge of the water and introduced us to a path that circled around and proved to be too tempting for siblings not to investigate further.

P1130419What started off as just bare feet testing the temperatures, turned into rolling up shorts and seeing how far out they could go. It was just the two of them – but hubs and I did spy on them a while from along the path where we wandered to check out a bit for ourselves.

P1130430P1130433Summer time for us has always been about traveling back to the U.S.,  to see family, to let the kids some enjoy great cousin time, and to spend some great family time together for us. These summertime travels have always been wonderful…

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