Monetizing Your Blog: Four Ideas to Consider

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Blogging consistently and building an audience can be hard, time-consuming work, so it’s no surprise that many people would like to see a return on their efforts. While monetizing your site is almost never easy, it doesn’t have to be a mystery, either.

Here are four ways to earn money from your site that have worked well on blogs and websites.


Impressions is the measurement of how often an ad has displayed for a visitor on your site.

If you’ve been interested in running ads on your site, you may have heard about programs like AdSense, Chitika, or Infolinks. These can be useful to sites with a general focus, but they rely on millions of impressions to be profitable. They can be difficult to configure, and the software that powers them often slows your site down.

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the voice

the voice is killed by the rope strangled by the nincompoop who believes he is better than ALL   the genius is silenced by the foolish silence is the nemesis of unrestrained BUFFOONERY the laughter is silenced the sensitive is battered the Thug is abroad tyranny in the loft and tyranny is in the loft … Continue reading the voice

Nepal 25: Smoking with Sujan


Sujan walked me around Kathmandu for a few hours.

As we spent more time together, our chemistry grew and my walls started to drop, a little bit. We went to the monastery, where we spun prayer wheels and spoke of the mixture of Hinduism and Buddhism. Although in the U.S. we are taught the two religions are separate, here, as in many places in Asia, they have intermingled.

“Do not be afraid,” Sujan says when I hesitate to enter a temple. “Is touristic place.”

He shows me an array of butter lamps inside the temple. “Do you have someone to light one for? Good health, good thoughts? Prayers? Love?”

I light a lamp for Holly, and we return to the streets of Kathmandu.

We talked of the earthquake, of Nepali politics, and the fuel blockade which had strangled Kathmandu.

“What of the foreign aid money?” I asked. “Canada and the…

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What are you thinking? 5 ways to Stop Negative Thinking

None is perfect. We are all flawed and the capacity to think negatively is in all of us, so also is doubt. One way as you have pointed out is not act as if negative thoughts do not exist but following the steps outlined above one will manage negative thoughts. The more you use and generate positive thoughts, the less your negative thoughts.

Be Inspired..!!

Seriously, what are you thinking about right now? Because whatever you are thinking is becoming your reality, present and future. If you are thinking about the argument you had with your spouse last night, then more of that is what you are bringing upon yourself. If you are thinking about that dream job that you want, the dream job is what you are attracting. Sounds simple??!! Well “it is” and “it isn’t” at the same time. And in a way, I am glad we aren’t magicians, that just with a swish of a wand or nose twitch (like in Bewitched!!, a 70’s TV Show), our thoughts do not become a reality as soon as they pop up in our hyperactive mind.

Before we move forward, I would request you all to keep your “Rational, Intellectual mind which analyses everything to death” outside, for this one time. Can you?……Thank you!…

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Who is at loss in the side game?

A succinct analysis of this serial monogamy syndrome and that of sugar daddies and the young girls who follow them. The question , however, is who gains, who loses at the end?


I cant take my word to stand for the majority especially if its relationships we are talking about but some times i cant help but wonder. Here i was listening to two individuals (one in a relationship and another married)how side chicks are a necessarily evil  in marriages. Am so behind  when it comes to some things in life  .This gentleman believes they actually make the marriages better because as the wife is so engaged in breastfeeding his children , reminding him about the bills at 9am yet they were apparently together in bed the night before,the side chick will be sending him nude pictures of her self right about the same time ,during the lunch break he will be occupied,  after work around 3 he will have someone to go to and she will actually remind him about making sure he gets back home at the right time so…

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