Mind, Body and Spirit

Ability to control the three main areas of your life isn’t in any way girly. It is a necessity for your growth as a human being.



Mind, Body and Spirit are generally considered the BIG THREE battles in martial arts. The kata Sanchin is the embodiment of this concept with its name translating to just that and the most martial artists consider those to be the three battles. I’ve always liked Sanchin which is weird as it is slow and a lot of people when they first see it consider it a female kata. Teenage boys in particular hate to learn it. I’ve even had more than one boy tell me

that’s a girl’s kata

It bothered me a lot, since I found it a really helpful kata right from the beginning. At the time I started learning it, my Gran had just died and when it came to the funeral, I used the pattern in my head to regulate my breathing and get me through the day. I found it calming in a way nothing else has…

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The Wait Is Over

Women over the ages have been made to be obedient, quiet and submissive as if not human and as if the emotions that run in man's body are anathema to them. They are not to express what they feel about a man, they com in too strong, they are not allowed to decide in being … Continue reading The Wait Is Over