“Society nowadays tells people that their happiness is all that matters but happiness is never found if it costs someone else’s theirs. That is not what happiness is, nor would such a person deserve it, because happiness is forged by the setting aside of self and in doing for others to make them happy first and foremost, so if you have to hurt another human being to “find your happiness,” then you have no clue what the word actually means or what it’s willing to do, and in being so self-centered and entitled, it’s veritably tragic that the only care and concern you have is for yourself.” ― Donna Lynn Hope

“One is not necessarily made self-centered because he is foolish, but one is very often made foolish because he is self-centered.”
Criss Jami

Odun odun yi a san wa s’owo,

Odun odun yi a san wa s’omo,

Peregede la o ye!

( This year will bring us wealth, this year will bring us children. We will survive.)


Yes, the year had been fruitful

it had been

a bounteous harvest for you.


you have surpassed

your expectations

your expectations

have surpassed you

you have achieved

more than you think

you now have fat balances

your balances

are making you fat.



at what expense?

tarry a while, tarry a while.


Professor Ajijepepa

you have arrived

your papers are

the toast in Berlin

that conference at

Taipei can’t hold

because you are on hold

that seminar in London

was not seminal

because you were absent.

that workshop in Boston

lost its bolts

because of your absence.

that teleconferencing in Tokyo

was stagnant

because your paper

suffered static.

you are

the new kid on the block

the new brain on the slab

tarry a while, tarry a while.

have you asked yourself


you are carrying out

your primary duty?

how many times

have you entered

the class this year?

did you complete

those classes

for the young ones


are you too busy

on the world’s podia

rather than

the shifting classroom

of your ivory tower?

tarry a while, tarry a while.

did your masters students

see your face

or are you their MASTER through and through?

what of the Doctorate students

you are supervising?

did they not see more of your back

than sitting in front of you?

have  they not accepted chalking

years upon years

on their projects

rather than finishing it?

is your wife

not a new person

to you?


is it always on the phone?

that you constantly meet?

are post cards not good substitutes

for reaching out to people?

tarry a while, tarry a while.

have you been given knowledge

to become master of all?

is the knowledge

you are given

to develop your area


to repress it?

professor ajiko pepa are you

carrying out

your responsibility?

how many books

have you written since?

books that will

help the young ones?

how many lectures

have you delivered?

to those thirsty young ones

looking up to you?

are you not on an ego-trip

fed by your irresponsibility

at home?

tarry a while, tarry a while.

the end will come

one day

the day will come

to one end.

when you will realize that


gave you a job

a job

to clean your little area first

a job

to bring young ones up


don’t you know

you are a caretaker?


comes for accounts

at the end of your LIFE


tarry a while, tarry a while.









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