“Be a leader with a ladder, not a boss with an order.”
Debasish Mridha

“Many people are smarter than their stupid bosses.”
Toba Beta, Master of Stupidity

“A sign of power in a man is not only when people follow what he suggests, but also when people make a conscious effort to do the exact opposite of what he suggests.”
Criss Jami, Killosophy

“Being a leader is making the people you love hate you a little more each day.”
Patrick Ness, The Ask and the Answer

Ewo ni n o ni yo si

Ewo ni n o ni yo si

Bi mo ti fe ko ri

Be na lo ri

Ewo ni no ni yo si

(Why should I not be happy? 2x ,

It is how I want it to be,

That is how it turns out to be;

Why won’t I be happy?)

You’ve reached the tops,

we know you are there

after the steep climbing

after the clawing, the fighting

and lobbying.

you’ve now achieved your


you are the oga patata (the big boss)

but just for a moment

have you asked yourself

at what cost?


how many scalps

did you collect?

how may reputations

did you destroy?

how many people

did you make sick?

how many ambitions

did you truncate?


how many lies

did you cook

in your plot?

how many lives

did you step on?

think… please… think

how many? how many?


tarry a while


search your mind.


we know you are the boss

the all-in-all,

the most powerful now

but at what cost?

at the cost of sleepless nights

you go through daily?

at the cost of fear

that trails your path?

the trembling you experience

when alone?

the guilty conscience


controls your living?

the shadows you see

at every turn?

the enemies

you believe surround


when no one is after you ?


the unbridled race

you are in?

the constant doubts

you have about

every competent subordinate?

the beatings of your heart

in the night?

the unstoppable sweat

when you remember

friends you have destroyed?

tell me at what cost

are you

holding to this position?


tarry a while, tarry a while


search your mind

you are almighty TINGOD now

the most important,

the most powerful

in the office.

but really are you?

aren’t you insecure?

aren’t you unhappy,

weak and tired?

aren’t you afraid

and beaten?

aren’t you uncomfortable

when you reflect

on your post?

are you happy

in this post?

tell me are your falsehoods

not pursuing you like the

dogs of hell?


you have become one

without conscience?

a stone, an unfeeling person?

a heartless man? a chilled individual?

an iced maiden? a stiff marbled person?

tell me, is this

what you want to be?

because of position?

because of fringe benefits

that are temporary?


house? position?

which you did not

come here with

and which you will

not take back with you.

search you mind BOSS

think on your DEEDS.


are you really happy?

tarry a while, tarry a while

life does not end here

nor in the grave

you will give account.


tarry a while, brother,

tarry a while.







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