“It is amazing how complete is the delusion that beauty is goodness.”
Leo Tolstoy, The Kreutzer Sonata

“No matter how plain a woman may be, if truth and honesty are written across her face, she will be beautiful.”
Eleanor Roosevelt“

Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it.”


Iwa ma le wa

Iwa ma le wa

Kamu ragba ka ta ragba

Kamu ragba ka ta ragba

Bobinrin so wa nu koni lori oko

Bokunrin so wa nu koni lori aya

Iwa ma le wa

Gbogbo oun to ndan ko ni wura o

Iwa ma le wa

(Character is beauty,character is beauty,If we add all together, character is beauty.If a woman loses character she loses her home, if a man loses character, he won’t have a wife. Character is beauty. All that glitters is not gold, character is beauty.)

you are a BEAUTY.

yes, everybody knows

men swoons at your feet

you are the gazelle

of the veldt

the peacock in the field

the gold fish of the sea

you are beautiful

yes, everybody knows.


you are of right proportion

the curves

are in right places

your skin

fresh and untainted

like that of a new babe

your eyes

are clear and

well shaped.

they are in right place

and right shapes

not too tiny nor bulging

your lips

are not too thick

nor are they slivers of foil


you are beautiful

everybody agrees that

you are.

your father and creator

created you well.

he spent a greater time

on you.

you are a good example

of his artistic mind

a light to show


special body engineering power

you are neither too dark

nor excessively light.


your muscles are not dropping

your feet are not flat

in fact

every part of your body

comes together to make

a complete whole.

you are

a paragon of beauty

a person of praise

an individual of envy

an object of worship

one whom a lot wants

to be like and imitate.


you are           only beautiful outside

you are           ugly within

you are           proud and vain

you are           always looking

down on others.

in your mind,

you are           not a person

you are           a goddess to be worshipped

a venus, an olokun

to be supplicated

nobody is as beautiful

as you


as you like to say

you are not the rejects

of God.


you are       the apple of his eyes

is that so?


are you not a rotten apple

fine outside rotten within?


place emphasis on

your beauty

it is as if

it is the main thing.

in your mind

you are unequalled

is that so?

is your body not a

temporary clothe

which you will

discard soon or later.

the cloth that

will be eaten by insects

the body that will

crumble to dust

the hours you spent

making up

will come to naught.


think my sister, think

and tarry a while.

tarry a while


what will you do if

you are disfigured?

what happens if disease

settles in your body?

what happens if your skin

develops blemishes and spots

spots that cannot

be toned away ?

what will you be left with

my sister

what will you be left with?

nothing, nothing


except your manners

and inner being.

your body is nothing

but a covering

a covering that can tear

burn or destroyed.

your beauty is expected to

bring honour

not dishonour

to your CREATOR.

you are

paragon of beauty

we know

but the most beautiful

is the one whose inner beauty

overcomes outer beauty.

tarry a while, my sister

tarry a while.

beauty is nothing

manner is everything

you are       caretaker of beauty

you will give account one



tarry a while, my sister

tarry a while.





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