How to make coconut oil at home

MJ Speaks

New Media is here to stay, thanks to #newmedia, i made coconut oil at home after watching a YouTube video, thanks to #newmedia we can interact with one another here despite being physically distant from one another.
How to make coconut oil at first attempt.

I will keep looking and trying out new ways to make my my coconut oil lighter in colour and more than the 100ml I got. I will also keep learning new ways to make my videos better. Enjoy, drop your comments and suggestions about the process and video please, I will appreciate it much. Cheerios.
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That Awkward Moment When My Mom Might Know About My Blog

I am not in the type ´of situation you are in. My parents are way, way of in another dimension different from this world. They are dead, so I have no fear of their ever reading my blog. However, I can relate to your situation, my blog most times is my own avenue of ventilating … Continue reading That Awkward Moment When My Mom Might Know About My Blog

Translating Life into Colours

On Art and Aesthetics

Self-taught and intuitive, Muriel Matt (born in 1976 in Rennes, France) has been translating life into colours from the time she was able to hold a pen or a brush. She has, as of now, painted portraits, nudes, animals, abstracts and shapes. All her works communicate an uplifting childlike innocence and along with that, look absolutely trendy and radiant.

“Creativity has always been at the core of my life,” says Muriel, who currently lives in the city of Nantes. “Yet, it was only in 2012 that I dedicated myself to painting in an intensive way. First, I was into oil but since 2014, my paintings have been exclusively acrylic. That has given me more freedom. It allows me to add a great deal of embossing, a technique I particularly appreciate because it provides a lively 3D aspect. I started exhibiting my work in large towns in France in January 2016. I do that once or twice a…

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Let Go Let God

When we allow GOD to take care of us, we become care free and behave in a way that reflects our belief in the one who made us. Letting go and letting GOD is hard for us to do because we worry so much on what is summed of as vanity. What we worry about and care for in the long run add little to our being.



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tarry a while (vi)

“Successful people are always looking for opportunities to help others. Unsuccessful people are always asking, "What's in it for me?” ― Brian Tracy “He who is not contented with what he has, would not be contented with what he would like to have.” ― Socrates “The world says: "You have needs -- satisfy them. You … Continue reading tarry a while (vi)