Life is NOT a competition! Really?

We hear of A personalities and others who are not A and their inbuilt capability to compete. And some had taken the art of competition to the highest level. A level that has tied them to the rat race and the treadmill of life. They really enjoy themselves, feel the flow of life, relate with those around them and are all out to shine , compete and win. While on this unending race, the break egos, stamp on others and end up being lonely. They also end up surrounded with what they have acquired in their mad rush and those do not even make them happy and since it is an unending race they are unable to ask or answer the question,When is enough ENOUGH? What a tragedy!


winnerSo H & I continued our journey back home, overtaking cars on the highway and being overtaken. Due to some road works coupled with an accident, we were obliged to slow down, which made us take notice of a beautiful mini cooper that was just ahead of us ( we always admire good cars). For some reason we

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