Happy 400th anniversary

To those of us just starting out on “BlogViile”, a 400th posting is a great achievement. To Rommel 2.0 it is Congratulations!

MJ Speaks

I woke up like this… To find Rommel 2.0 had blogged his 400th post like this. When i moved my blog to WordPress, Rommel of Sophomore Slump Blog had been amongst the earliest blogging friends i had in the wordpress community, but somewhere along the way, i lost track of reading and viewing his awesome posts and photographs, never mind i found my way back, and it has been fun ever since i did. Enjoy this wonderful 400th post video from Rommel.

Asimple and beautiful way to celebrate a good thing, i love all the words he took the pain toput together, theygave me some pretty good ideas and inspirational thoughts as well. I want you to think about the boat of your lives been guided by unseen underwater tracks, and i pray this day we all be guided to better paths filled with knowledge, wisdom and understanding. You are…

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