Reading to Write – Message for Aspiring Authors

Writing is one craft you cannot perfect. Being a reader, an avid reader, helps one in the writing journey. Your ability to read and love of reading takes you on an endless journey that expands your mind, widen your horizon, give you new friends and help greatly in reengineering and remodelling you. No wonder the axiom, ‘readers are leaders’. The tragedy and irony of this era is that in spite of the mammoth information and almost overwhelming information produced by the Internet; many people nowadays are non readers. So you wonder at how they reason and what they do think. This is a great post and I have learned a lot from it . Thank you.

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Earlier this week, as I scrolled through my email, I came across my girl Lisa’s Guest Blog Post  on the importance of having a good story line when writing erotica.First, I invite you to check out Lisa’s post (especially if you’re an Erotica writer) to get a better understanding of what I’m about to say. Lisa drew me in and nailed it. I’ll definitely be reading up on her upcoming series. Check her post out here.

One of the reasons I don’t review Erotica (I do read it occassionally, I just don’t review it) is because I’ve had bad experiences with Indie Author writers of this genre and not just Erotica but also Urban Fiction. Many of the writers who are emerging now showcase a variety of books that have bomb book covers and invite you in to read. Sometimes I just sit back and…

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One thought on “Reading to Write – Message for Aspiring Authors

  1. You are right on that, i don’t know why most people these days don’t like to read, sometimes i think it is because they are so caught up with making a living that they forget always to live. I pray awareness on the value of reading spreads more, and people understand the value of reading more and more.


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