“But, and here comes the rub, all of us feel that we are in complete control of our desire for things. We would never admit to an ungovernable spirit of covetousness. The problem is that we, like the alcoholic, are unable to recognize the disease once we have been engulfed by it. Only by the help of others are we able to detect the inner spirit that places wealth about God. And we must come to fear the idolatrous state of covetousness because the moment things have priority, radical obedience becomes impossible.”Richard J. Foster, Freedom of Simplicity: Finding Harmony in a Complex World

Alowo ma jaye

Eyin le mo

Awon to jaye lana da

Won ti ku, won ti lo

(The stingy and the miser, it is your set who understand, those who enjoyed life yesterday, where are they?)


good day Mr Midas touch

whatever you touch

turns to gold

whatever you think

turns to money.

tarry a while, my brother

tarry a while

have you forgotten

the end of the tale?

midas touched his daughter

and touched

everything in his palace.

turning them to gold.

he ended his life

unloved, lonely and desolate.

tarry a while, my friend

tarry a while.


is not naira and kobo


is it only pounds and dollars

it is not only yen nor lira.


is not made for money

money is made for man.

tarry a while, my brother

tarry a while

you are only happy

when your coins grow.

you are in ecstasy

when your millions turn


you are contented


that money is yours

and not another’s.

tarry a while

my friend tarry a while

what did you bring here?

what will you take away

with you?

who sits over your wealth

when you are gone?

do you know what they’ll

do with your wealth?

have you for a moment

think of all your riches

and the burden

they place on you?

tarry a while, my brother

tarry a while.

money is the spice of life


riches banish poverty


wealth gives importance

and makes up popular


is there a door that

money cannot open?

can one live without

riches and be happy?

tarry a while, tarry a while

houses are not homes

companies upon companies

are not the ultimate.

think, my friend, think

those who made the greatest impact

in the world


and pillars of the world

the mother theresas,

the helen kellers,

the ghandis,

the mary slessors,

the marcus garveys


the martin luther kings

how many are stupendously rich?

how much does ghandi have?

is lincoln’s wealth

anywhere near croeseus?

is einstein’s wealth at par

with rostchilds?

can you compare soyinka’s

riches with dangote?

tarry a while, my brother

tarry a while

it is not wealth

that makes you.

it is you

that makes wealth.


what matters

is what you do

with the wealth.

is your wealth

a source of joy to others?

or is it a source

of sorrow?

do you deprive others

in order to have more?

or do you have more

in order to deprive others?

your riches

are you a guard?

do you spread your wealth

like fertilizer


do you stack it

like a forklift driver in a


my friend, what do you

do with your wealth

and rich endowment?

do you TOUCH other lives

with wealth?

or do you TORCH other

lives with it?


think my, friend

think deeply and

tarry a while, tarry a while.

it isn’t that you are special

nor is it your power,

that gives you these riches

or endowed you

with those wealth.

it is opportunities and grace


you think it is because

you are Machiavellian?

aren’t there more

Machiavellian   than you?


you think

it is your aggression

than pumps your acquisition?

aren’t there more aggressive

people than you?


you think

it is your

knowledge and speed

that makes you rich?

aren’t there smarter

people than you?


are they not stupendously

rich like you?

think my brother,

think very deeply

riches not used

to enrich others

do not enrich

such are millstones.

tarry a while, my brother

tarry a while.  

it is not your wealth

that outlasts you.

it is your good works

that outlasts you


where will you

be when your

good works are

being weighed


tarry a while

and think my friend


tarry a while


















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