These are nuggets of life but alas a lot of people don’t care to have these as their guide.

Being a waitress/ waiter may be one of the most trying jobs a human being can have. Bad tippers is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the things you have to deal with waiting tables. These are a fewbriefthings I learned in my year of being a waitress.

Always Be Moving

Serving the actual tables is the least of your responsibilities. I learned that there is never such thing as down time . When the kitchen needs to be stocked, silverware needs to be rolled, and tea always needs to be brewed. It’s like a metaphor for life: just when you get comfortable and relaxed, a curve ball will be thrown at you, which might consist of an entire little league team.

Keep Your Business To Yourself

Don’t you hate when your waitress hovers around your table? Constantly interrupting your family time with their stories or…

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