I have to Differ!©

In this day of rose coloured perspective on our humanity. In this age where walls are being thought of of being built to keep “others” out. In this clime of hate, xenophobia and racial discrimination, this is a very good breath of fresh air. When we separate based on colour then we put the WORLD in a one leg race and the result of such  are all around US- Syria, the charade playing out in USA election campaign and the shooting of defenceless Blacks among others. What a shame for our humanity.


I sadly would have to differ

With you, if you are racist.

I differ because I am not,

And sadly because you are.

I stand up for Fairness, for Justice,

For freedom of choice,

I call for Unity, I call for Peace.

I stand up against war.

I stand up for humanity.

What do you stand for?


One Community

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