100TPC — 2016

It is the paradox of the black dot in the middle of the white paper. Those who made violence, injustice and inequalities their sonata are very few in the world. The armoury merchants, the sponsors of violence and the barons of industries are a small percentage of the billions in this world. However, they are empowered and and have the media which they use in cowering the 90 something percent down . A forum like this is an attempt to poke injustice in the eye. Read the tarry a while postings , most especially the “tarry a while vii ” on my blog- https://femidadaadedina.wordpress.com/ . This is a good project but we can go further than words by networking and contributing to raise funds and start projects that will contribute to fighting social injustice and bring about sustainability.

The BeZine

Welcome to The BeZine’s online,
virtual 100,000 Poets for Change event!

This past week, an international aid convoy in Syria was attacked with devastating results, during a ceasefire. Bombs went off, as usual, in Iraq. They also went off in New Jersey and New York. There were terrorist knife attacks in Jerusalem. And knife attacks also in St. Cloud, Minnesota. Police shot (at least) two unarmed African-Americans in the United States. Police shot “terror suspects” in Israel. Iran arrested dissidents. China gave a dissident’s attorney a 12-year sentence.

Climate change has reduced the arctic ice sheets at record levels, this summer just ended. The Fertile Crescent, where Western civilization began, has suffered such a devastating drought that farmers have fled it for years now—a contributing cause to the Syrian civil war and the refugee crisis. The hardened, drought-stricken soil in the region, broken up by heavy war-machinery, artillery shelling, and bombs, has…

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