Our children today are going through a lot and this posting clearly expresses the dilemma facing the child in a new land with a new language. However, coping is inbuilt in our children and the world becomes better because the variety many languages bring.

domestic diva

 A Note to the Migrating Mommy

Before arriving in Australia, most of my daughter’s growing up years was spent in the USA . I distinctly remember that when I would be busy in some household chores , she could be usually seen with a device watching her favorite shows which is quiet the norm today among kids. Somehow they know their way around these devious little gadgets. She was busy watching shows like Barney , Super Why or Dora. All these shows according to me are great for preschoolers. However  Barney is a favorite, oozing loads of warmth and teaching some basic values as well like caring sharing and the likes . Somehow when we were going back to India dd had managed to pick up some impressive hold over the language.                            

re7 BARNEY & FRIENDS Barney…

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