Who is at loss in the side game?

A succinct analysis of this serial monogamy syndrome and that of sugar daddies and the young girls who follow them. The question , however, is who gains, who loses at the end?


I cant take my word to stand for the majority especially if its relationships we are talking about but some times i cant help but wonder. Here i was listening to two individuals (one in a relationship and another married)how side chicks are a necessarily evil  in marriages. Am so behind  when it comes to some things in life  .This gentleman believes they actually make the marriages better because as the wife is so engaged in breastfeeding his children , reminding him about the bills at 9am yet they were apparently together in bed the night before,the side chick will be sending him nude pictures of her self right about the same time ,during the lunch break he will be occupied,  after work around 3 he will have someone to go to and she will actually remind him about making sure he gets back home at the right time so…

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