History and Memory

On Art and Aesthetics

Martina Grlić

History and memory – these are the primary themes in the artwork of Martina Grlić – a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts, Zagreb, Croatia, who, in large, photorealistic paintings, documents and monumentalises the domestic, political and economic currents of the former Yugoslavia.

As of now, her portfolio is mainly divided into three parts – “Factory” Series, “Product Series” and “Atomic Landscapes”. We find women labouring away in food and garment factories, consumer items like chewing gums and brandy bottles and comic books and toys, a definite preoccupation with nuclear power. Even frolicsome moments from everyday life. Though everything is contained within a limited and specific temporal and geographical framework, there is a grand, epic quality to the scenes. On her creative process, Martina says, “I use a lot of photographs. Some I make myself – like in the Product series. But mostly I use whatever I can find in old books, albums…

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“Are you Crazy ?”

You have to be crazy to understand today’s normalcy. It is the iconoclast and the abnormal that usually change the world not those thinking within the box, so go crazy men and create.


Third day.

The 3 Days. 3 Quotes Nomination.

I’m still in this challenge by virtue of an awesome friendship with:

Shyma . . .


I kickstart with my nominees.




Three lovely ladies in one fell swoop.
In the lyrical song of Lionel Richie:

“You’re once, twice, three times a lady – And I love you.
Girl you’re once, twice, three times a lady – And I loveeeee youuuuuu”


Now, to the business of the day.

My focus today is as described below.

Born to Nigerian parents, Henry Olusegun Olumide Adeola Samuel, better known by his stage name Seal, is an English singer and songwriter.

Popularly known for his songs:

Kiss from a Rose (1994) and Crazy (1991)

My quote today is taken from his beautifully titled song . . . Crazy.

The quote for today and final day, the third day is:

“We’re never…

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