“This church isn’t loving enough!”

A disciple's study

Why do you suppose it is that some churches are considered to be “loving” while others aren’t? Maybe a better question would be, “Why is my local church more loving sometimes than it is other times?”

I remember one time several years ago when I received a phone call one Saturday evening from a very ticked off woman from church who spent at least 20 minutes yelling at me because someone else in our church had been rude to her: “What happened to the love in this church?” she demanded to know.

To tell you the truth, I wasn’t exactly feeling the love in that moment either. She abruptly ended the call by telling me that unless I did something pretty darn quick that she was leaving for good.

So often I hear things like this…

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What a summary of two people growing together, fighting reconciling and helping each other. What a marriage is expected to be but what we do not ever get from the romantic coloured prism.

By the Mighty Mumford

(Picture above is from another blog recently visited)

Find a wife who’s a good thing,

Pray together–angels sing…

Each having foibles

Sharing troubles,

Helps marriage through anything!

She and I different are,

Like it or not, we spar…

Running sedition

O’er word definition,

Each must accept who we are.

Believers but not the same,

‘Though both call on Jesus’ name…

We knew going in

We weren’t perfect then,

Both of us intend on staying!

Not able to have kids,

A subject we’ll never be rid…

Secret hurt

Shared by pants and skirt,

Caring for each other we did.

Many things have slipped away,

Some were never in play…

She sleeps better

When I’m with her,

In the same room is okay!

I’m learning to accept help

Without that snarling yelp…

Sure isn’t easy

To be light and breezy,

When you don’t take care of…

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our origins

“City people. They may know how to street fight but they don't know how to wade through manure.” ― Melina Marchetta, On the Jellicoe Road “We get so used to the gregarious nature of our towns and villages that we forget how crowded our existence has become.” ― Fennel Hudson, Wild Carp - Fennel's Journal … Continue reading our origins