“City people. They may know how to street fight but they don’t know how to wade through manure.” ― Melina Marchetta, On the Jellicoe Road

“We get so used to the gregarious nature of our towns and villages that we forget how crowded our existence has become.” ― Fennel Hudson, Wild Carp – Fennel’s Journal – No. 4

“People in the city are poor because they are oppressed, discriminated against and alienated; people in the country are poor because they’re too stupid to realize they ought to be living in the city.”
Garret Keizer, No Place But Here: A Teacher’s Vocation in Rural Community


magnificent she stands

fruitful and endowed.


from her all is taken,

the resources; power and means.


powering the continuous rat races

and unending city businesses .

like the soap

she endlessly wash others

getting wasted in the process.

the villages and hamlets

are our sources.

our sustaining power

and source of existence

in our walled and polluted cities



do we ever think of them?

have we not forgotten our origins?

the moment we leave the countryside?

have we not thumbed our noses

at the springs of our beginning?

looking at them as uncouth, rural’

yodeling and retrogressive?


quietly forgetting that:

without them,

without the rural settings

we would be nothing in the cities.

without the sustenance of the countryside

our so called concrete and glass jungle

will be without

comfort, being , living

and become soul-less.


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