I believe in Nigeria!

Many may not believe in the Naija dream but Nigeria is unique and the horizon is not only bright but there is hope for our country. I am a Nigerian and it is Naija for ever.

MJ Speaks

I wanted to share this video a while back from a bikers point of view of his journey in Lagos, then I came across a post from a friend today who’s the CAO ofSrialto.ngand I just had to share both right way.
Here’s the video by@onodivine:

Here’s the post:

Great News – Harley Davidson to Launch in Nigeria!!!

I met one of Harley Davidson’s executives, Enrico D’Onofrio at an event put together by the University of Oxford (Said Business School) recently, the man’s exquisite sales type of mannerism struck me in a good way when he spoke.

He made his way to where i was talking with a bunch of people and introduced himself, “My name is Enrico, Managing Director Harley Davidson and i happen to sell a dream but people call it Motorcycles…” – The ability to connect your product to people’s wishes in a short sentence…

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