A parable about love (any resemblance to some actual church or family is likely, but sad)

A disciple's study

Carey was a fairly successful businessman with a large family. Life had been good to him. He had prospered and raised a great family. His children, however, were all grown, but living all over the country. He and his wife were somewhat active in several civic groups and attended well-known church. Their’s was a happy, well rounded life — almost an idyllic life.

Some years after he retired, Carey was diagnosed with leukemia. He was blindsided by the diagnosis. It meant long treatment and a change of lifestyle. Life was going to change. 

He had hoped — and expected — some of his many cohorts, acquaintances, and companions from the many groups he belonged to — and his church — would immediately jump into his life with loving encouragement and support as he went through his scary treatment regimen with its dire medical prognosis. He was wrong.

Everyone had said…

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