Gentleman’s Guide to Style

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Hello my beautiful readers,

Welcome back to my blog. First my big apology my site was down for some hours and I truly appreciate the love and constant feedback, I have received about asking me what was going on…I was updating the entire site from the parent site and I would love to bore you with the details but it is safe to say all is back to normal and in case you still have any inquiries don’t hesitate to contact me on my personal email and I will get back to you immediately. info@misskymmiee.com

Well the gentlemen series started with a bang and I couldn’t be any proud of myself.. If you all remember that last week I did a full week marathon post and am happy to say THE GENTLEMEN’S ESSENTIAL GUIDE | MISSKYMMIEE had the greatest hits…. an hourly average of 94 views… I mean wow! so thank you so much misskymmiee lovers you guys are the real MVP’s. So again I have some few style bits to share with you in your gentleman’s guide or as you help your significant other transform into this polished lifestyle.

Get to know and maintain your tailor’s.

– You may never know this but tailors are your key to your style…

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A suit jacket or a sport coat should fit like a glove.

– Once buttoned you should be able to slide a palm between the coat and the chest anything more the coat is too big honey.

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A tie should hit the belt buckle.

– Anything higher or lower is not for the gentlemen category

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Your tie shouldn’t be wider than your lapel.

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A pocket square is great addition to any suit.

– A fun note: it shouldn’t always match your time.. the key is to compliment it.

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You should always be able to see part of your shirt cuff

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Suits shouldn’t ever pool on your shoes,

– They should have at least on each break.

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Follow your instincts, match them with trends.

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It is always better to show over dressed than under dressed

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Over sized watches aren’t flattering on anyone.

– Keep the dinner plates on the table. (tough Love)

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Loose the plastic watches.

– Invest in something refined and timeless

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White socks are for the gym not the suit.

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A plain tee never goes out of style

– More on other essentials check here..

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Flip-flops are for the beach.. only

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NEVER wear a belt and suspenders.

– Either one or the other but never all together, you are not Hannah Montana

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Never wear square-toed shoes EVER

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Keep your shoes clean& Polished

– Nothing looks worse that scuffed and faded toes

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when wearing leather shoes, your belt should always match

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A bulky wallet doesn’t make you rich.

– Always carry the necessity, your id, drivers licence, credit card and few bills

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There you have it Ladies and Gentlemen, i hope you enjoy this post and let me know on the comments below, what should be on the next feature. Have an amazing day and stay safe till my next article.

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