“The Fury of a Heart Almost Wrecked”

What a succinct summary of disappointment and rejection.


Your story has long been written, It has long been said and most of all, it has long been ended.

And yet there are days when I sat quietly and the darkness you brought is all that its in my mind.

The story of pure deceit caused by pure greed and selfishness is all that I can see.

The tangle of words made to cover up the truth is all that I can hear.

And there it was, that feeling that only you made me experienced— RAGE!

A vivid colour of black is clouding my entire being once again.

“How could you?!”, “How dare you!”.

You made me experience fury over and over again.

I never thought such hatred existed until I learned the extent of how much you wronged me.

You could’ve spared me with all the shame and pain if only you chose to be human.

But it…

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