work in progress (ix)



“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”
Mahatma Gandhi

ethos and ethics do take time

are they not expected to be lifelong?

so , what’s the problem

when we are busy working on our ethics?

our values and ethics are work in progress


when our values have gone to the dogs

you don’t need to worry about us

we cannot have definitive values

we are still working on the values

what do you expect on work in progress?


we may be blatantly materialistic

our priority may be on self

communal interest may not matter

we don’t need to worry

it takes time for values to be defined.


our ethics is work in progress

have you forgotten?


might may rule the day

the dispossessed may be trampled

who wants weaklings anyway?

lies and untruths may sit on thrones

don’t worry we are okay

we are busy working.


don’t you know it takes time?


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