A Piece Of Me… #dyinginside

This succinctly expresses what many of us are going through in this age of information explosion and overload. In this era of information and communication technologies without personal and close relationships. In this period of so much avenues to ferret out information and ideas but in which we have tons and tons of illiterates who have and carry everywhere vast knowledge and information without caring to sip out it. Really WE are ALL dying inside piece by piece. We are all yet so close but very far.


This is the part of my story where I’ve been the one that’s dying a piece at a time. There are so many people that think I am such a happy person. They say that I have it all together because I can laugh and tell jokes while I’m smiling because I’m having a good time. What they don’t know is I am really falling apart internally.

Did you know that you can lose people without you or them dying? I have and more times than I really care to count. The emotion of it is so real. Death doesn’t actually have to happen to feel that kind of pain. People move, change jobs, get remarried and often just disappear from your life with no warning at all.  I’ve been dying little by little for a long time coming.

I pretend I’m fine but most of the time I’m not…

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