Thanks. This an eye opener to me. My own intention is to just write and bring out what matters to me. I will use your suggestion. Thank you so much.

HarsH ReaLiTy

I look at the tags many of you use when I visit your sites. I am always astonished at how many bloggers don’t use a few of the staple tags EVERYONE should use on EVERY post…

Tagging isn’t hard. People make it hard. You can have up to 15 tags and categories count as a tag! What does that mean? It means that if you check boxes next to categories (see image below) you must then subtract the same number from the amount of tags you use. This isn’t hard math people… we can all count to 15 right? Gary?

captureUse categories. Why? Simple, they make it easy to find your posts AND WordPress automation works in such a way that the “suggested posts” will auto align to the category you use normally. Normally. This just means that if you categorize properly WP will do some of the work for…

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