“If only we were all better educated. If then, higher education would at last be a journey for skill and knowledge rather than for power and status.” ― Criss Jami, Healology

To regard the economy as an end or as the measure of success is merely to reduce students, teachers, researchers, and all they know or learn to merchandise. It reduces knowledge to “property” and education to training for the “job market.”-Wendell Berry

“Schools and universities are (as in a body) the noble and vital parts, which being vigorous and sound send good blood and active spirits into the veins and arteries, which cause health and strength; or, if feeble or ill-affected, corrupt all the vital parts; whereupon grow diseases, and in the end, death itself.”
Thomas Hughes, Tom Brown at Oxford


our tertiary education is in progress,

other climes may grow on researches,

our researches are on the girls;

they must pass through their teachers

to pass.

don’t bother,

our higher education is in progress.



when it takes ten years to get a Phd,

and three years for an abstract,

it isn’t any wonder;

our higher studies is a work in progress.

the supervisor may saunter away,

the student may be traumatised,

never fear, our research degrees are the best;

they are work in progress.


plagiarism may be common,

but who standardizes the standard?

those who got to their peak through manipulations?

or those who kowtowed to the gods that be?

who enforces standard?

those bribed to look the other way

during accreditation?


don’t bother yourself,

our higher education is on course;

it is all work in progress.

our selection process may be warped,

who cares, the moment our wards can get in;

are you surprised?

don’t be, it’s all work in progress.


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