“Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind,
And therefore is winged Cupid painted blind.”
William Shakespeare, A Midsummer Night’s Dream

“It is not a lack of love, but a lack of friendship that makes unhappy marriages.” ― Friedrich Nietzsche

 “Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none.”
William Shakespeare, All’s Well That Ends Well


How is angel feeling today?

I am feeling well, by the way what did you do?

What do you mean?

Did you use anything on me minus the tests you conducted?

I did not do anything.

You mean there was nothing you injected me while carrying out those tests?

Nothing, I was waiting for the results of the tests while thinking of how to treat whatever comes up.

Since my last visit here, I have been okay. The nauseous feelings stopped and I have been eating like a locust.

That’s good. I am pleased to hear that.

So, does it mean I am free to go back home; there is nothing wrong with me?

Not yet, when did you have your menses last?

What type of question is that?

I am serious?

You are my doctor and you know I do not have menses any longer.

I am sorry. Well, congratulations.

Congratulations on what?

Mika and you must have decided to end old age loneliness.



You are gone by eight weeks.

What do you mean?

I mean you are pregnant.

You burst into laughter and couldn’t stop laughing. After seeing how serious your doctor is, you stopped laughing.

You don’t mean that, I think? You must be joking.

Joking? I am not joking; I am dead serious about this. The results of the tests show that you are pregnant. That was the reason for your early morning nausea.

Are you now a miracle healer and no more a doctor?

What do you mean? I am no miracle healer.

If you are not, how will you tell me I am pregnant? Are you the one who put it there?

But you are and I can’t understand.

I can’t too, how could it have happened?

I don’t know.

You sat down in the surgery with your head full of thoughts performing gymnastic.

How could that be possible? Does one get pregnant without sex? What happened is today April first? How did pregnancy come one’s way? How could this have happened? Eight weeks gone? Is it possible for one to have sex without realising? I have been without sex for too long, will such lead to pregnancy? But I have stopped my menses, how could I have been impregnated?

Then like a bolt from blues, your brain opened up. The pictures of that night three months ago when you visited HIM at home popped up like well-done bread popping out of a toaster. Immediately, you countered it as your thoughts waltzed away in your head.

What of what happened three months ago? No it couldn’t be, that once? Really it was like sex with your clothes on. Can such lead to pregnancy? He did not penetrate, how could that lead to pregnancy? Did not, penetrate? Did not? How are you sure? Were you not in seventh heaven? How could you have not known if he actually sexed you? After all these years of forced abstinence, could once lead to pregnancy? That won’t count. It won’t count, was that not having sex? But… but …but… no, that couldn’t be…

These thoughts juggled in your brain as what the doctor said sank into your consciousness. You were gone into a world where snippets of your activities in the last three months were flashing away in your brain like pictures in a slideshow. You were gone in your thoughts but the realisation that the Doctor’s lips were moving and the svelte voice of Dr. Wilhelma brought you out of your reverie.

It’s rare but that is not to say it doesn’t happen. There are cases like this and you may have been one of the exceptions.

Exception to what?

Exception to…

Are you really serious and sure that I am pregnant?

Yes, quite sure, I conducted the tests thrice.

You left the surgery baffled. You were busy thinking of the possibility and probability of what the doctor had told you happening. However, you were faced with the stark reality that you are pregnant. What could have caused it? You asked yourself, more baffled about this issue. You know what caused it you hypocrite. Would you be able to cope with pregnancy now? Is your body in shape to carry a baby to term? What would be the responses of those close to you on this miracle of a pregnancy? You ruminated over these all through the week but no solution suggested itself to you. So, you went back to your doctor.

Is it possible to eject this foetus?

You mean abort this baby?


What makes you think of that? You are comfortable and can take care of this baby. You have all the means; why do you want to abort?

You cannot understand my reasons.

Well taking your circumstances, the foetus age and your medical condition, which you know of, trying to abort this baby will be putting you and your baby in danger.

So, I don’t have any choice in this matter.

Yes, you have no choice. I am surprised; angels do not abort, do they?

Doctor, this is not funny.

I know, but why don’t you see this baby as God’s gift? Think of many who are looking for a child and couldn’t have any. Think of their anguish and frustrations. This is God’s gift.

God’s gift? There are many things you don’t understand about this gift. I cannot keep ‘this gift’.

You have no choice angel, no choice at all in this case except to keep it.

You were downcast when you left the surgery. You were thinking of many things and challenges concerning this so called ‘gift’. Then you realised there is no way Mika will accept this ‘gift’ from you. In the first place it was more than two years ago that you had intercourse last with him. You thought of what you have to do. Mika has lost interest in you. His interest is now in Australian football (Footy) and that accursed television screen which he was always popping down in front of every afternoon after coming back from work. You cannot even interest him in sleeping with you now. He won’t and you wonder how he releases himself sexually. However, that is not your main concern or worry now. What is disrupting your life is this seed in you.

What do you do about it? How will you cope at work, home, among friends, your children and your neighbours? How are they going to look at you? What would be your sisters’ reactions, your mother and her friends? What of your co-workers, most especially, that mousy busybody Florentine?

Your mind was in turmoil as you drove home from the surgery. Then, a plan started incubating in your mind


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