Beautiful Barcelona

the Confessions of a Wanderer

I know I’ve written a lot about how much I loveBarcelona… but that’s just because I love it oh so much. (I mean i’ve written about it enough times – because honestly, I don’t think I can ever run out of things to say about Barcelona.)

Below is a really cool time lapse tour video of Barcelona that I’ve seen too many times to admit, and just truly shows the absolute beauty of this city. It can’t even capture all the parts of Barcelona I love, but it shows so much of the beauty of this place.

Barcelona is so wonderful, filled with history, culture and so much energy. I feel so lucky to be living in a city like this. It still blows my mind every day that not only am I actually living in Europe, but I’m living in a city as awesome as Barcelona. There…

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when hearts grow cold(part4a)

The things Literature was about: Love, sex, morality, friendship, happiness, suffering, betrayal, adultery, good and evil, heroes and villains, guilt and innocence, ambition, power, justice, revolution, war, fathers and sons, mothers and daughters, the individual against society, success and failure, murder, suicide, death, God.” ― Julian Barnes, The Sense of an Ending “God bids you … Continue reading when hearts grow cold(part4a)