“A woman who holds her head up too high, is trying to breathe from her own pollution.” ― Suzy Kassem, Rise Up and Salute the Sun: The Writings of Suzy Kassem   Abike, you remembered Olajumoke in the story don’t you? Yes, she remembered it as vividly as her grandmother told her one moonlit … Continue reading ABIKE’S DILEMMA 2


Networking + Share Your Blog

Jay Colby

I just want to take this time to thank everyone who reads, subscribers and shares my site. I appreciate all the support and encouragement.I would love to read everyone’s blog, but I don’t always get a chance to read and follow everyone’s blog.

So today I want to offer a networking opportunity and a chance for all bloggers no matter what niche or experience a chance to gain more traffic. Anyone who wants to gain free traffic can participate. All you have to is comment your blog below & I will follow every blog and actually read your content. So if you’re interested just comment your blog’s URL below. Also If you could share and re-blog this post so we can reach as many bloggers as possible!

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by the way of apologies

“I am the wisest man alive, for I know one thing, and that is that I know nothing.” ― Plato, The Republic “It is incredible how many hurts can be healed by the two words, 'I'm sorry.” ― Matshona Dhliwayo Since I started blogging in June this year, I have tried posting every day but … Continue reading by the way of apologies