Within a few moments, Justin had started kissing her and she was responding. Abike felt she was betraying her husband, so she stopped and saw Justin to the door.

Look we can’t have any relationship. It is not possible. It is not fair and tongues will wag. It is not fair to my husband and children.

I understand.

She had gone back to the room to start taking care of her children and prepare their lunch when she found the white envelope Justin left behind with her name beautifully written in his cursive handwriting. She opened the envelope and found fifty thousand Naira in mint condition. That was two weeks ago and they have spent it all, the children are hungry, there is nothing in the house for them to eat and there seemed nowhere to go. Abike stepped out of her room. She knew Justin would be at home. It was a Saturday. She knew that going to Justin’s house is like an open invitation to making love with him. She could not believe herself because her response to Justin’s kiss two weeks ago had surprised her.

She felt a warm feeling covering and overpowering her and she was wet in her pants. She responded to his kiss because as she herself analysed, she had been deprived of such emotions for long and really she liked him as a person. Going to his house now she knew, would not help her will because she would not be able to control herself. Many thoughts were struggling in her mind. She does not want to cheat her husband and would try everything to make sure she does not. Her children however were hungry; there was nothing she could give them. The only other option open to her was to explain to Justin and ask him for money. Asking Justin for money or taking anything from him means sleeping with him. A thing she was not ready to do but which circumstances seemed to be preparing her to do now. The thoughts for and against were rioting in her mind as she walked in confusion and like a somnambulist towards Justin’s place. She was carried away in her thoughts and was not looking at where she was going. It was when she bumped into a man whose briefcase dropped that she came to herself. She stooped down to pick the man’s briefcase and apologise. The man who had been hurrying too was also stooping to pick the brief case. Their eyes met. Abike found herself staring into her husband’s eyes.

                                               the   end



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