The next morning Banji explained that before showing himself at his office, he needs to go to Republic of Benin. So they went to the D’Almeilda’s and Taye decided to take them to the Republic of Benin after Banji’s explanation that the person who saved him and sent him to London had been a Beninoise. So they all went to Cotonou.They were able to trace the home because Banji had the address with him. They were however not prepared for what they met. A sprawling home on an almost 10 acres of land.They drove through a long drive way with exquisite landscaping. Beside the all ocean blue home is a swimming pool facing the Atlantic.They were surprised. Going in,  they were even more than surprised. There were signs of money, plenty money everywhere.

Finally, meeting the good Samaritan, they were shocked. He was of average height, almost of the same height as the twins. When he found out that the person he saved is a twin, he was very happy. He told them how he was coming from Lagos en route to Cotonou. He had just collected his cheque for the 150 million Naira contract, which he executed for the Nigerian Government. So he was not only happy but elated since the contract had been a problem for him. It was with such happiness in his- mind that he decided on savouring the bounteous nature on the way. That, he explained, was why he was not speeding and the reason for his saving Banji. The old man- around 66 years but still looked fortyish – started his story:

“I was very happy that after almost nine months, I was able to see the end of the contract. In my pocket I had the Central Bank’s cheque. It had been a tug of war between those who expected me to give them kick- back and myself who had decided not to give. So, that I got the cheque without any hitch was almost miraculous to me. I was whistling and singing along with the CD on the car’s  stereo player when I realised that the car in front of me started zigzagging. I pressed the horn but it seems the driver was not conscious. I thought he must have been sleeping. I drove nearer him and was beside him in order to guide and safeguard him against other vehicles coming. During this time, I was frantically signalling and horning to him to try to park but it looked as if the man had lost consciousness. I was trying to edge him towards the kerb but he was speeding and I couldn’t run into him. I was praying fervently and as I wanted to move in front of him so that my car can be an obstacle towards stopping him, I saw him heading into the bush.What I heard next was the thud, thud sound of the car somersaulting. By the time I parked, the car had come to rest and had burst into flames. I ran quickly, trying to think how I am going to save the body from the burning car. I carried my fire extinguisher in my hand but before reaching the car, I saw him lying prostrate. He had been flung out of the car when it was somersaulting. By this time many sympathizers had stopped.They helped me to put him in my car and I drove straight to Badagry hospital, praying that I will be able to meet a Doctor. It was getting late then, and here I was without any visible identity for him. I was also praying that he would not have any internal injuries. I was ready to spend anything because looking at him I knew he wouldn’t be the son of somebody who is trying to drive his father’s car without permission. The car, a Mercedes 480s sports also, shows affluence. So when I reached Badagry and they told me after first aid, that he must be flown immediately abroad for an operation. I did not hesitate. I flew him over and instructed my bankers in London to be responsible for all what he needs. I also told them not to disclose my name or whereabouts until when they are sure he is all right. And then they should only give my address.So, well it is thanks be to God.”

He called his butler, and after being served drinks, they had a sumptuous lunch. It was during the lunch that the man observed that they were twins. He reflected that he had a pair of twins before but one of them died.

Banji and Taye looked at each other and asked,

“What of the living one, where is he?”

“  I left him in Geneva.”

“Where in Geneva and when”?

“Many years ago and in a home for motherless children”.

“Is your name D’ALMEILDA”?



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